Today I got to have a cuddle with one of my doula babies who was born in the thick of things last year – 18 months ago when I wasn’t able to be with her parents when they shifted to the hospital, but I spent hours deep in the middle of the night at home with them, holding their space until they felt it was the right time to shift to the hospital.

They trusted me deeply to guide them through this and as Juliet was nearing transition, I called an amazing midwife at Box Hill hospital to prepare for their arrival, and she set up the birth space beautifully and filled the birth pool for J’s arrival so that the transition was as seamless and oxytocin boosting as possible.

Now, another mama I’m supporting in the New Year has that very same midwife I spoke to over the phone and we will hopefully be able to weave our care, knowledge and support together in the birth space – in the flesh.

I love how connected this community is and how every family I support somehow knows another, without even having made the connection when we chose one other on this journey.

There is nothing like finding your people through your work – it blends into a life of passion that feels so wholesome and like I am truly held, just as much as I hold the families who choose me as their doula. It makes waking up and working hard, despite the late nights and early mornings and dark circles under your eyes, truly worth it.