Birth floors me.

Witnessing it unfold grounds me in my feminine and connects me to Mother Nature so deeply, as I watch the innate and stunning interplay of two humans meeting themselves and one another after spending 10 moons living so intimately within the crevices of each other’s bodies.

Sharing blood and oxygen and life-giving energy and cells which then remain lodged within a Mother own bodily tissues for the rest of her life, allowing their child to remain quite literally in their own heart once they’ve left the safety of the womb and gone on to have children of their own, decades later.

There is nothing more sacred than watching not only the crossing of the threshold from Maiden to Mother but also the surrender, humility, wisdom and strength that comes with being the barer and birther of new life. Birth is something that has occurred billions of times before each one I have witnessed to create humanity, but in those moments it feels like there is nobody and nothing else in the universe.

Time suspends, and I’ve never felt more peace in my body than those sacred moments.